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Forgive the intrusion. It’s your lucky day.

You should be in pictures.

With skin melting in more skin. You’re immortalized.

Wearing that smile forever.


A weekend in the country. You get a thousand bones a day.

You can fake it if you want to. Lights, camera. Bang-bang. Hey.


Blue Movies.


She looks like she means it. Moistens up her lips.

Doesn’t take much convincing.

I flick off the safety. Baby, hold that pose right there.

This will soon be behind you.


Pretty hiker in the forest. She gets lost along the way.

And she meets up with a chain gang. Stop motion. Bang-bang. Hey.


Blue Movies.


Stirring up the animal in you.

Stirring up the mortal in you.


So don’t you point the finger at the services I provide.

I’m not the one who watches. Are you curious? Bang-bang. 

Step inside. 


Blue Movies.



JVA - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Drum Samples

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