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Release Date: June 9th, 1994

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1. Chill 

2. 111th Floor 

3. Joy Ride 

4. Alexander’s Dark Band

5. Drum

6. Cutting Room Floor 

7. Abigail

8. Reprise

9. Keep Your Head Down

10. Lost

11. Any Destination

12. My Soul Was The Wire

13. Blue Movies

14. Say Goodnight

15. Later That Same Evening


All material written by

James Stanley Walker 

C&P 1994 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved.


Recorded on a Fostex cassette 4-track machine.

I think I had one mic, one guitar, a drum machine, and a Mirage sampling keyboard. I recorded some of it in LA before I moved, and the remainder here in Portland. Toki Wolf played some bass, John Bell did the artwork, Mark Smith did the graphic design, I even got Kim to sing on a couple of songs.

I have strong memories of being in our freezing apartment in NW staring out the window onto Irving St. working on this.



Special thanks to Lucy and Dick Walker (Support of every kind above and beyond, etc)

Kim Johnson (Dealing with it)

Ira Flatow (The black space and original lightning)

Mark Smith (For his time, amazing generosity, and that bass line on 111th Floor)

Toki Wolf (Y'know?) 

John Saul (For that snare drum)

Faust (For that other snare drum)

Eric Hill (For always remaining true to the evil)

Tod Browning (La-La-La-La They're not children, they're monsters!)

Ray Hill (Reasons too numerous to mention. He is the man)


"Please forgive my monsters...they know not what they do."


Label / Thon Music
Producer / Jim Walker

Engineer / Jim Walker
Mixer / Kyle Harrison

Facilities / Little Man in the Attic Studios.

Pasadena, CA


Leaning Tower of Sound.

Portland, OR

Visual direction / Mark Smith

Cover illustration / John Bell

Mastering / Tor McAfee-Kingdon

Running Time / 47:00

Release Date: June 9th, 1994

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