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Hold me tight, my little one. You’re a target in that nightgown.

They’re using real bullets now. This ain’t some phony 


Pray and pray with all your might that we don’t end up dead tonight.

They want to fill us up with lead.

Instead, we’ll keep ahead of blood, blood red.


She’s tightening her grip upon my forearm once again.

Her little eyes are scared and wide. The wind drives back the tears she cried.

Girl, don’t let me lose my head.

This pretty face won’t look right blood, blood red.


Keep your head down...


Playing the heroic type is very, very tempting.

But, the men are right behind us and the needle is on empty.

She says, “Take a left, go south.”

I told her to shut her mouth.

“I take back those things I said,

but don’t you understand that we could both end up 

drenched in blood, blood red?!”



JVA - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Drum Samples

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