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DESTROY ME (feat Nancy Hess)

Sugar tin up in the cupboard.

Coffee, sweet and devastating.

I’m afraid I’ll tip my hand and blow it all with you.

My back is turned. I’m not aware.

The blade cuts through the wind and you...


Destroy me.


This attraction is a danger.

But I know I’m good for you.

So together, so much better than I’ll ever be.

If I’m in I’m in no matter what.

But like I said, will you...


Destroy me.


You’ve always had to take what you could get.

But you’ll find out with me it’s not like that.


I see the smile that breaks a thousand nights, and I melt dead away.

The way you walk, burn down the green grass.

Killing me. It’s killing me.

Angel fear, it’s all right here,

let's sink into the black together...


Destroy me.

Nancy Hess - Co-Lead Vocal

Jim Walker - Lead Vocal, Guitars.

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