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I gave everyone my ears. But few my voice.

I’d rather watch and listen if I’ve got the choice.

I take in all the figures. These bits of history.

If there’s a method to the madness it’s completely lost on me.

I keep it to myself now. Thanks for your concern.

But I walk right into the shadows. Scream into the dawn.

Wrap your arms around my neck, girl. Here we go - we’re gone.


I will not doubt your word. No, not at all.

Fill me up and let me go and shoot me down to fall.

You look like you know something. You’ve got one up on me.

If you love like a father I will swear to keep my peace.

I keep it to myself now. It’s always worked for me.

I’ll run right into the blackness and pass out on the lawn.

Wrap your legs around me, baby. Here we go - we’re gone.


Clouds are in your voice. You heave a sigh.

Another dragged into the cheer and comfort of my eye.

You’re staring at the floorboards. Can’t seem to make you 


I know where to find you, just remember what I took.

I keep it to myself now. Strange as that may sound.

I’ll drown myself in your saintly tears. You’ll never hear this song.

That’s me behind her in the picture. Here we go - we’re gone. 



Tim Ellis - Acoustic Guitar / Solo / Bg Vx

Tracey Harris - Bg Vx

Nancy Hess - Bg Vx

Myrrh Larsen - Bg Vx

Lara Michell - Bg Vx

Albert Reda - Bass

Stephanie Schneiderman - Bg Vx

Jim Walker - Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Lead Vx

Bob McDonald / Jim Walker - Ooh Wah Wah Vx

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