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I’m wondering where I fit in. It’s more of the same again.

White lightning inside my chest. Sometimes it feels like it’s my dying breath.

It’s more than a thrill, but your voice sounds like a funeral bell.

It’s just not my day. Your brain’s been baking in the sun this way. 


Baby-I just don’t see the reason. It must be vanity.

Baby-I’m guilty just like you, but I plead insanity.

Baby-My heart’s beneath the wheel and I don’t know how to feel.

How could you?


Souvenirs from a mean train wreck. One more severed head for my guitar neck.

The black smoke comes pouring through. I thought I had problems till I met you.

Sparks in my head. Something’s dying, and something’s dead.

Put out the lights. Nothing good dies without a fight.


Baby-Just do what they say. Jump right off the cliff.

Baby-That’s such a good disguise. Three-piece working stiff.

Baby-These stakes are much too high. You shot blanks into the sky.

How could you?


Baby-You can’t reach me now. No, I’ve done my time.

Baby-I’ve climbed straight to the top on a ladder made of wine.

Baby-You had your second chance. You fucked up this romance.

How could you?



Phil Baker - Stand up bass

JVA - Electric guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

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