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Release Date: July 15th, 2015



1. Too Many Secrets

2. How In The World

3. Wash Away

4. Man On A String

5. Home Again

6. That’s How It Seems

7. I Don’t Fly

8. Till We Get Out Alive

9. See The Man

10. Same Place


All songs written by

James Stanley Walker 

C&P 2016 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved.


Weirdly, this Sister Anthony record wouldn’t exist without Facebook.

For that I have to thank Mark Zuckerberg.


If it wasn't for Facebook I may not have ever reconnected with one of my favorite people on earth, Scott Connor, who was my bandmate in LA in the late 80's. He played drums, and I was the singer/guitarist for the band Lost Anthony. We played all over the place for five years or so, then for whatever reason, the band was over.

These things happen. You've all been in a band, you know what I'm talking about. 

Anyway, Scott and I were out of touch a long time and that was just dumb. Then a few years ago we found each other on FB. We caught up, then decided to do something together musically. We weren’t quite sure what that would be though.


I began to wonder what Scott sounded like now, what kind of music he was into, what his style was.

I know my style has changed a lot over the years. I’ve gotten more experience, done a whole lot of gigs and records, worked with a lot of different people in a lot of different situations, and now because I’ve also had a lot of birthdays, I have a somewhat deeper pool to draw from.

Well, Scott’s path has been very similar to mine. He’s played in countless combos, all over the world, including a band called Circa whose frontman, Billy Sherwood, has taken over Chris Squire’s bass chair in Yes for their upcoming tour due to Squire’s passing. With Circa, Scott also made a record with William Shatner, playing a prog-rock soundtrack behind The Shat while he spoken-worded. Circa played a bunch of live shows with Shatner too.

So Scott’s career has been storied and very interesting so far to be sure. 

When wondering what the two of us should do together it suddenly came to me that maybe we should simply cut some of the songs we played back in Lost Anthony. Not to live in some sad state of nostalgia, but more to find out how two older, more experienced players would approach the music that they created when they were two young, fresh-faced, green guys.

Scott liked that idea and we began tracking stuff; me sending music to him (via an ftp site) to his studio in S California, then him putting drums on the songs and sending those tracks back to me to work on here at Studio 515.

He also sang background vocals on some stuff, and is even singing lead on a tune! The long and the short of it is that this record came out effing great!! I’m so excited about it. 

The result of the recording process is Sister Anthony; the band name, a nod to our old band, but recognizing that the past is back there and we are here now. 

On behalf of Scott and myself, we certainly hope you’ll check it out and let us share with you what we’ve been up to. 

Label / Thon Music
Producer / Jim Walker

Engineer / Jim Walker

Facility / Studio 515. Portland, OR

Drums Engineer / Scott Connor

Drums Facility / Studio Lily. Glendora, CA

Art Direction / Jim Walker

Mastering / Ryan Foster

@ Foster Mastering on July 9th, 2015

Running Time / 43:00

Recorded between May 19th, 2014 and June 16th, 2015

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