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If you want me to feel like a common thief about it,

then you’d better start to think it out again.

I asked you very kindly for my fair shake of the kitty 

and you look at me like I’m a sin.


Take me for a ride. Break both my legs.

I’m taking what’s mine and I’m sure not gonna beg.


Don’t get nasty when you talk about me to your friends.

Knowing you I know you will.

You tell me I’m exciting and a thrill to be around 

but only when you’re using words that kill.


Building our dream house on shells of eggs.

I’ll promise you the world but I’m sure not gonna beg.


You can mention my name to the man at the desk.

See if it still carries any clout.

I’ll give you what you want from me but I’ll always say I won’t.

Cause I really love to watch you pout.


You’re easily accompanied and you’re easily impressed.

I can hear you saying “this is the place.”

Make yourself at home. Have a seat there on the floor.

You stay standing just in case.


Keep the children inside. My history is vague.

Check out all my priors. I’m sure not gonna beg.


I’m not gonna beg.

I’m not gonna beg.

I’m not gonna beg.

I’m not gonna beg

Jim Walker - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Percussion, Vocals, BG Vx.

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