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Rain clouds. Hotter than the sun. 

Charge this steel uprising.

You break one thousand burning legs. She is hypnotizing.

I’m watching this electric world.

With the heat no man could ever tame.

I pick you up from frightened knees.

And I lay you down in this place of shame.


These are words of a dying man. 

If you’re close enough to feel his breath,

he’ll try to steal your living soul, knowing just one moment’s left.

It’s fading signals after all. 

It’s just spells behind a smoked glass frame.

With tender kisses, idle threats, 

they will lay you down in this place of shame.


The truth comes out...all in vain. 

It comes buzzing black into my ears.

With eyes that beckon boats to shore, and prayers that no one ever hears.

All your powerful friends have come. 

They wait like needles in the vein.

The hand of hate has cradled me.

And it laid me down in this place of shame.


In this place of shame.



Tim Ellis: Steel-string guitar

JVA: Acoustic guitar / Bass / Percussion / Piano / Vocals  

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