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Release Date: June 15th, 2000



1. Glass Thimble (for Shelly Hack)

2. Invitation

3. Shadow I Walk In

4. Down Deep

5.  Bad Luck

6.  All Too Soon

7.  Spanish Fire

8.  Corner Store

9.  I’ll Be Your Eyes

10. Place Of Shame

11. Blind Tiger

12. Useless Things / Kate Moss


All material written by

James Stanley Walker 

C&P 2000 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved.


Tim Ellis played on every song, and completely elevated it with his astounding creative mind.

Toki Wolf did the artwork and design.

My wife, Kim, snapped the cover photo while on a job in Miami... 

One memory sticks out making this record; playing a low tom-tom really fast on the song Blind Tiger, and because I’m not a drummer I had to do it over and over to get it right...I thought I was going to have a stroke.

Fuck it, pain is is forever

(I say this while holding my Excalibur aloft!!) 


That's Toki's voice you hear on KATE MOSS, along with Nancy Hess on vocals, and Aaron Meyer on violin.

Tim Ellis - Lucky I ran into you, pal...thanks for everything.

CB Rock - The way you twiddle, the way you diddle. Such a riddle, such a riddle. Thank you again. You are amazing.

Toki Wolf - Some hotshot...see you at BP for Cold Nickels etc. Oh and thanks for bringing that bottle to the island.

Aaron Meyer - Get a haircut, hippie. If you'd like I can suggest a Barber.

Nancy Hess - Once again, I'm in awe. My deep gratitude.

And thanks to all the other musicians who graciously brought their talents down into the cave.


Also to the delicious Kim Johnson, Sandy Bodecker, Al-Amir Restaurant, Lucille and Dick Walker, Bessy Walker, Bob and Suzanne AND Atlas Eggleston (Hi Neighbors!), John Zobrist at Musicfart, Roger Seibel, and Kate Moss.


Label / Thon Music
Producer / Jim Walker

Engineer / Jim Walker
Mixer / CB Rock

Facilities / The Pulpit. Portland, OR

Poundhouse Studio. Sauvie Island, OR

Art Direction / Design Jones  

Photography / Suzanne Eggleston, Kimberly Johnson, Toki Wolf

Mastering / Roger Seibel

    @ SAE Mastering, Phoenix, AZ. May 26th, 2000

Running Time / 53:00

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