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All these stupid things come out her mouth when she talks.

Johnny Depp told me it was like slamming a cardboard box.

She's a twelve year old boy. Food she does not enjoy. 

The one good thing about her is she'll probably die quite soon.

Anorexia (That's the skinny disease)

Bulimia (Can I have her fries, please?)

I wouldn't hump her with a stolen dick.

She's emaciated and as pale as a sheet.

That's because those British boil up everything they eat.

So she never has seen vitamins or protein.

Kate Moss, you'll be peat moss unless you get some refried beans.

Anorexia (Here's a Burrito Supreme)

Bulimia (And some nice leafy greens)

Please keep those breasts of yours inside your shirt.

I've seen the billboard signs for The Gap and Calvin Klein.

Please give me one brief moment of your precious time.

It doesn't look good to vomit your food.

Anorexia (There's no one I know)

Bulimia (Who wants to give you a go)

You're not a waif, you're only wafer thin.

Anorexia (Don't you know you're not well?)

Bulimia (I guess I'll see you in Hell)

But I must go right now. It's time for lunch.


Nancy Hess: Background vocals

JVA: Acoustic guitar / Bass / Piano / Keys

Aaron Meyer - Violin / Viola

Toki Wolf - Lead vocal

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