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Going on a journey. Going by foot. 

Looking at the rye grass and small pieces of wood. 

Bugs blend together like a fingerprint smudge. 

I’m kicking at an oak stump. Damn thing won’t budge. 


Hey, hey! Look what I’ve found. 

It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. 

I’m feeling sharp as the little edge of nothing. 

How are you going to let this poor boy be? 


I step off the dirt road, back out onto the street. 

A big, black Cadillac car nearly ran over my feet. 

Driver says, “Terribly sorry.” 

And I say, “Everything’s fine.” 

But, I say, “Hey, where’s the fire anyway?” 

He says, “It’s here in my mind.” 


He says, “I’ve worked like the devil 

for my whole life through and through, and still I’m 


I said, “Hey, I’m like that too.” 

He says, “Which way are you going?” 

I said, “I’ll follow this road.” 

He says, “Goodbye then.” In a cloud of blue smoke. 

Metal on metal. Puncturing tires. 

The guard rail exploded. He was laughing through fire.



I Think The Dog Will Go Insane From No Love:

Jeroan van Aichen: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Handclaps



Craig Carothers - Bass, Vocals

Tim Ellis - Acoustic guitar

JVA - Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Wurlitzer

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