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Stretch out my wrists and fingers. 

My teeth, white as a blank page. 

I am making impressions. 

My voice, starting to network. 

It’s nice to see you again. 

Lampshade, life of the party. 


And if you hear a distant sound, a teardrop in the sea. 

It’s probably nothing, but it might be me. Needing... 



I need protection. 


I see beauty in profile. 

Just like some feathered angel, 

floating through on a warm wind. 

My hands move to her body. 

Soft skin is turning to ice. 

I chose just the wrong moment, again. 


And if I say my prayers tonight with you in my bed. 

Help me to believe those words aren’t dead. Give me... 



I need protection. 


Give me, give me protection. 


And if I’ve saved a seat for me somewhere 


let me hear the tiniest of sounds. I need... 





I Think The Dog Will Go Insane From No Love:

Jeroan van Aichen: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars


Today Was Different:

Tim Ellis - Acoustic Guitar & Deep Space Pedalings

Eric Hill - Piano

JVA - Lead Vocals, Guitars

Gregg Williams - Drums

Toki Wolf - Bass

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