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Release Date: June 18th, 2013



1. All Fall Down

2. Al Amir **

3. The Real Me

* Written by James Stanley Walker 

C&P 2013 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved.

** Written by James Stanley Walker  

& Thomas Milton Ellis

C&P 2013 Thon Music (ASCAP)  / Tim Ellis Music

All Rights Reserved.


One question Tim and I get all the time is: When are you guys going to make a live album? 

Our answer is always the same:

Pretty soon.

And that's when we'll do it too.

Pretty, pretty, pretty soon.


In the meantime... 


Tim came over to the studio one afternoon in early June and the two of us cut three songs, totally live. Just like at a show.

I tell you, it was a blast.

Even though no one was here but us, the two of us were still jumping and flailing around like fools. 

This is just Tim and I, playing together, no frills. It's a 3-song mini-concert!

It sounds to my ears, exactly how we sound live.

I'm so stoked for you all to hear this. 


Ryan Foster mastered these songs just three days ago.

This thing is hot off the press, and easy as 1-2-3.

I hope you check it out. Thanks.

Label / Thon Music

Produced by Tim Ellis / Jim Walker

Recorded and Engineered by Jim Walker on 6.12.2013

Facility / Studio 515. Portland, OR

Art Direction / Jim Walker

Mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster Mastering 6.15.2019

Running Time / 11:00

Tim Ellis - Guitar, Vocals

Jim Walker - Vocals, Guitar

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