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I hear foreign words, hanging in the salty air. 

In a moment’s time, worries fade and disappear. 

Not a car in sight. Under maraschino light. 

All fall down. All fall down. 


Too many broken bones. Tattered rags and history. 

The raincoats flaps. Stop the clock with this black key. 

It’s like a storybook. Every written page a hook. 

All fall down. All fall down. 


And it all flies by in the blink of an eye. 

And the luck’s too late. And the nightmare waits on every corner. 


The shop is closed. The dress forms pose. 

With a threadbare stare. I never will forget this day. 

All fall down. All fall down. 

All fall down. All fall down.



The Night Of The Accordion Murders. Vol. 1:

Jim Walker - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Drums


Acoustic Version (NOTAM and 1-2-3):

Tim Ellis - Guitar

Jim Walker - Vocals, Guitar


Body Of Water:

Shayan Hooshmand - Lead vocals 

Company - Background Vocals

Jess Feeman - Drums

Will Kast - Guitar

Jim Walker - Bass, Guitar

Violin - Curtis Wu 

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