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I'm walking in the wind.

Walking in the wind - I'm walking.


Years ago, she gave away her life to him.

Turned her back on her history. Embraced his every sin.

And it was all in fun. Time was something just to mock.

Now she feels like her head’s on the chopping block.


Skies above get dark and even duller,

He dreams out loud. In many different colors.

And any trouble just bounces off his bubble.

He’s walking in the wind.


Warning signs for the cliffs and the canyons.

She’s got no ground to walk on. Got no leg to stand on.

As the smoke and fire curl up all around her feet.

Well, she'll never surrender. Doesn’t know when she’s beat.


She heard the words but she can’t grasp the meaning.

Something’s kicking. Something else is bleeding.

And what she’s needing is nothing worth repeating.

She’s walking in the wind.


Ooh, she’s walking in the wind. Oh...

Ooh, she’s walking in the wind. Oh...


Her foolish pride comes right through in a clutch.

She won’t take his money. Cause it feels too much like his touch.

She’s won’t forget it. Drags it behind through the years.

She lives to spite him. Never shows one single tear.


Her little bundle has the same hair growing.

Is her mind playing tricks or is it blowing?

Long and flowing. He's headed out the door. He’s going...

Walking in the wind.

He's walking in the wind.

I'm walking in the wind.

Walking in the wind - I'm walking.

Jim Walker - Lead Vocal, BG Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Percussion,

Drum Programming.

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