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You’ve had too much for too long.

Blood burns, but you know you’re all wrong.

I’ve lived with your thoughts and wishes.

One day you’re going to beg my forgiveness.

Wait ‘till I’m finished ‘till you fall down laughing.

I’ve seen it with my one good eye.

Caught in the act of it, then it’s back to business.

Now, you’ve got our love...

so what are you afraid of?


Into the shot of danger and desire.

Have the prayers been answered? 

Or is it trial by fire,that drags you back down to me 



What now is your plan of action?

I see headlines with captions.

Break down these walls of reason.

Show me what’s been behind them.

I turn to jelly when you kiss me and kill me.

Then you look at me like I’ve done wrong.

It’s a thorny road to Heaven even if you watch your step.

But, with the mercy above...

what are you afraid of?


Geronimo, welcome to the future.

Oh, it’s nice. Oh, so nice.

Hey you, look at how the dreams came true.

Fool’s paradise.


You can stand tall and find a way to carry on.

But, by the time you read this I’ll be long gone.

I can’t have everything that’s dear to me.

But, I’m safe in fear of the enemy.

They’ll find a way just like night behind the day,

they’re reaching for my very soul.

How big a push until you’re drawn into the madness?

When the push comes to shove...

what are you afraid of



Tim Ellis - Acoustic Guitar / Solo

Jim Walker - Acoustic Guitars, Keys, Percussion, Samples, Lead Vx, Bg Vx

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