Label / Thon Music
Producer / Jim Walker

Engineer / Jim Walker
Mixer / Jim Walker

Facility / Little Man in the Attic Studios.

Pasadena, CA

Cover illustration / Christian Keifer

Running Time / 46:00

Release Date: May 15th, 1993


This is the second in a short series of releases from the JVA wayback machine.

Terminal Saints was originally released on cassette back in 1993, and was the total sum of everything I'd been working on for several years down yonder in LA. 
It was recorded, produced, and engineered by your ol' pal, me.

It features the JVA Band:

Kent Besocke on bass, Faust on drums, and myself on guitar and vocals.
Plus, I even convinced my girlfriend at the time to sing on a couple tunes.
Incidentally, the girlfriend was Kim and eventually we got married.
She sounds great!

The creepy-cool cover drawing was done by my writer/musician/artist friend, Christian Keifer. A very talented man.

This is a way more ROCK type project than most of my records, which I attribute to my youth, and also osmosis from the steady diet of Nirvana and Pearl Jam that we were all fed by the airwaves back in '93. Kapow!

TERMINAL SAINTS contains some songs that have ended up on my other records (in very different forms), and also some songs that few have heard before. 

I remember being really happy with this record when it came out, and several years later wanting to reissue it as a cd, but it just never happened.
Now with current easy download and stream technology I can finally share this project and others like it, with you. I hope you'll check it out.


1. Silk Pt.1                                          

2. Into The Sea                                    

3. Back When I Was Old                   

4. The Blue                                         

5. Rachel                                           

6. Run Along                                            

7. Very Good Man                               

8. Wide Awake                                    

9. Say Something                               

10. Glass Angels                                  

11. Quiet Child                                   

12. Swept Away                                    

13. Silk Pt.2                                         

14. Eight Rings


All material written by James Stanley Walker 

C&P 1993 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved.



Let's go back to 1992 for a few minutes, shall we?

Cuz that's where this album lands.

These were tracks I was recording around the same time I did the Terminal Saints album, which was my second solo thing.

Many of these songs made it on to future albums, but at the time they were just some demos I made while living in Pasadena.

A lot was going on in my world at the time.

I was working with producer and legendary session drummer, Rick Marotta. We were trying to get a record deal for me. We shopped it to everyone from Geffen to Peter Gabriel, and every label in LA it seemed. Rejected by all. There ya go...that's show biz.

I was also about to get married. That fell through, thankfully.

Then I met Kim. That was great.

I was living in the attic of an old mansion filled with ghosts. I was singing jingles for a living. I was working on the Tracey Ullmann Show, assisting Rick Marotta, who was filling in for the music director, so I got to see the very first two-minute incarnation of the Simpsons before it went on air, and into our lives forever.

I bought my first sampling keyboard so I was learning MIDI.

I was scoring a play.

Just a crazy year of life in LA.

And by the end of the 1993 I would flee all that stuff and move to Portland to lead what I thought would be a much more quiet, normal life.

Uhhhh, nope.


1. I'll Be Your Eyes                                          

2. Into The Sea                                    

3. Mayo Ridge                  

4. Year Zero                                         

5. All Too Soon                                          

6. Place Of Shame                                           7. Theme For An Execution                              

8. Drum                                    

9. Love Coming Through                               

10. The Beat Goes On                                  

11. Strung Along                                   

12. What Are You Afraid Of?                            

13. Road Trip Theme                                       

14. Glass Angels


All material written by James Stanley Walker 

C&P 1992 Thon Music (ASCAP) 

All Rights Reserved.

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